Online Pokies – Best Casinos to Play Pokies in New Zealand With Real Money

Are you looking for the best online casinos to play pokies? We have the best pokies machines for New Zealand players! The casinos on this page have been extensively tested for profit opportunity and fairness. There is on average 97% of stakes paid back to players!

Spin Palace Casino

casino ranking stars -  NZD$1000 Bonus

  • 1st deposit - 100% Match Bonus
  • Premium online casino around the world
  • Average payout ratio of 97%

Jackpot City Casino

casino ranking stars -  NZD$1600 Bonus

  • Online pokies, table and card games 24/7
  • Software by Microgaming
  • Competitive Bonuses and Promotions

Betway Casino

casino ranking stars -  NZD$1000 Bonus

  • 1st deposit - 100% Match Bonus
  • +450 exciting games
  • New games released every month

Ruby Fortune Casino

casino ranking stars -  NZD$750 Bonus

  • Accepts Paypal
  • Slots, Table Games, Poker, Roulette and Blackjack
  • Great gaming experience guaranteed!
All Slots Casino - NZD$1000 Welcome Bonus
  • 1st deposit - 100% Match Bonus
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 500+ Casino Games

The Best Online Casino

Best Online Casino
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Get Started And Play Online Pokies in NZ

With hundreds of online casinos and dozens of online casino game developers around, it’s not that hard to find a good online pokies game. A gambler usually seeks pokies which offer good winning chances and grant regular payouts. Those who would be considered as gamers are looking for pokies which they could “beat” – unlock secrets and bonus games, and reach the highest levels (if such system is available in the game). And of course, there are those hopeful players who seek an online casino with online pokies which offer so huge jackpot, that a lucky spin could change their life. But, eventually, it doesn’t matter which type you are: the following overview, the best online pokies guide will show you how you can find a great pokies game that would fit all your needs!

Before playing online pokies in New Zealand in full with real money, you have the option to play for free, either online using a flash player, or by downloading the casino software and installing it in your desktop. This is a good opportunity to get yourself familiar with the many variations that each pokie game has. Specific bonuses, paylines, combinations, wild card symbols, etc. Long gone are the days of the classic 3 reel pokies as the only available option for players. Now there is a lot more to choose from, so use this chance to play for free so you can make a good decision.

What are pokies?

If you are asking this, you are either just moved to New Zealand, or you haven’t been in a casino or a pub. Well, pokies are the so-called slots machines, and the one-armed bandits people like to play. These machines have a long history, and they are basically all the same: they’ve got reels, symbols, and pay-lines, and they are based on luck. The online pokies are somewhat different of course because they are based on the random number generator of the server they are running from. These games are really good, and they can keep a player hooked for a long time at an online casino.

Major types of pokies

You can tell if a pokies game is a newly released one, or it’s an old-school one. A pokies game being old-fashioned doesn’t mean it’s an old game – there are developers who offer nostalgic games. Here are two major types of pokies based on their style:

  1. Classic pokies: the classic pokies are the ones that have three reels. Naturally, you could find many modern pokies (especially online) which have three reels, yet they are feature-rich and follow modern themes. The real classic pokies have three reels, and they have symbols like fruits, bells (Liberty Bell), poker card suites, sevens, and gold bars, etc. The classic online pokies often have only one pay-line, and they feature a Hold button.
  2. Modern pokies: these start at five reels. As you will find out, the majority of the online pokies you could play are five-reel games and they have a lot of ways to win. Among these games, you are going to find different types, from simple spin-and-win to collapsing slots, multi-jackpot slots, and the likes. The major players of the online pokies industry know what they are doing, and they guarantee fascinating and fun gameplay to you!

Popular Pokies Software

There are many ways one could find hot pokies to play online. However, it’s also good to know who make the best pokies, and which software and game-network developers pay out the jackpots, and which ones are fooling people. In this short overview, we are going to take a look on the three biggest online slots developers.

    1. Microgaming: It’s simply undeniable, that Microgaming is the ruler of the pokies business today. This company makes millionaires by the dozens, and its most famous game, the Mega Moolah is a Guinness Record keeper of the highest single jackpot win ever! Up to date, Microgaming released about 800 pokies for online casinos, and it also develops for brick-and-mortar establishments and different devices. The Microgaming partnered with hundreds of online casinos, and it offers a wide range of games, not just pokies.
    2. NetEnt: the great competitor of Microgaming, NetEnt has been rushing for the throne for a few years. We would go that far to say that these two are the rulers of the online slots industry, and they are both in the top socket. NetEnt has some really cool games. For example, the Starburst is one of the most popular ones: it’s often the subject of free spins promotions. The Western-themed Dead or Alive, the rock-band themed Guns’n’Roses, and the special collapsing game, the Gonzo’s Quest are all among the most played online pokies.
    3. Playtech: saying that Playtech is the best developer would bring up some debates. It’s among our personal favorites, and it’s also one of the few developers which keep its promises, and if a jackpot is won, it pays. The Age of the Gods and the Jackpot Giant are the biggest progressive jackpot games. As a New Zealand or Aussie player, it’s safe to play the games of Playtech. You should also check their Penny Roulette, even though it’s not a pokies game.
        There are numerous other providers you should check at the online casino you used to play, such as IGT, RTG, Novomatic (Book of Ra) or Aristocrat.

The best features of online pokies

If you are looking for a way to tell a pokies game from another consider the following features:

        • Jackpots: does the game has a progressive jackpot (hard to win), or it has a fixed pool? If it has a progressive, are there are any smaller jackpots?
        • Volatility or Variety: the two means the same – they can tell you if a game pays out small amounts frequently, or it’s one that needs to ‘warm up’ to pay out but pay out big.
        • Bonus features: we usually recommend the games which offer a bonus round with free spins, mini games, or other methods to boost your winnings, like the level-up and the random multipliers of the Queen of Gold from the Pragmatic Play.
        • Gamble Feature: We don’t recommend using the Gamble feature as it’s easier to lose your winnings than to double it.

Every New Zealand player have the chance to enjoy a great online pokies game! So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot today!

How to find good online pokies

There are lots of reasons why one person prefers this pokies game, while the other prefers that pokies. We must say, there are many ways to tell a pokies game from another, and while you are trying to find the one that you might love, you will see many different types. To make your “job” easier, we have prepared a guideline for you to know what to consider. Naturally, preferring one online pokies game isn’t a lifetime commitment, you can switch. But knowing more about them can increase the speed at which you find a new one, and you can feel more confident about your choice!

        1. Take a look at the game’s layout and design elements: when it comes to playing online pokies, the graphics and the overall looks are quite important. You should choose a game that fits your taste visually, and which has a good, easy-to-use interface.
        2. Check the compatibility: This could be the first thing for many players, especially the younger ones, who can hardly put down their phones. Fortunately, all of the most popular online pokies have been converted to be mobile friendly, either as part of an app, or an HTML5 browser game. Nowadays, 90% of the released games are mobile-ready.
        3. Consider the type: by type we mean the number of reels and the overall style. There are many classic-feeling pokies you could play – these have three reels and only a few pay-lines. Some of the Classic 3-reels slots feature Hold buttons, offer gamble option, and other classic-feeling things. On the other hand, the 5-reels games might offer you better betting options, a wider range of bonuses, and overall more satisfying gameplay. From three to hundreds of pay-lines, everything is possible when it comes to modern games.
        4. Specialties: when you check an online casino’s pokies games, you should also check if it has anything special. For example, there is a collapsing game, the Gonzo’s Quest from NetEnt: this game has reels, like all others, but the symbols collapse when they make up a winning combination. This enhances the winning chances. There are games with sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and other special wilds. We have seen some complex online pokies too: The Pragmatic Play’s game, the Queen of Gold offers you two extra features in the main game: you can select a place on a reel (by clicking there), and if the Queen appears, you get one point. Five points will level you up. By leveling up, the other extra feature becomes better: it’s a random multiplier, which enhances the winnings. On level 2 for example, the game removes the 1x, which means that every winning made will be at least doubled, but it could get a 15x multiplier! As you can see, there are awesome special games around.
        5. Bonuses: It’s one of the most cardinal questions: what kind of bonuses can I expect from a game? Well, luckily, the developers and the online casinos are all interested in keeping on the hook. If you have bonuses to reach, you will stay and play. Now, you should choose a bonus you would really like. For example, simple guaranteed money bonus is great: the Playtech’s Beach Life offers you three picks from “treasure chests”, all of which hide different amounts of money. You pick three, and you get to keep guaranteed winnings. Other bonuses include bonus rounds with free spins and sticky, or expanding wilds, and increased chances of re-triggering the free spins. To be honest, free spins are awesome, and every pokies fan should go for games which offer such bonuses.
        6. Jackpots: one of the big questions too. Most players will tell you that you should go for the huge progressive jackpots. Well, we are not so sure about it. First and foremost, you got to choose a jackpot game you are comfortable playing. You should also know that the big progressive jackpot pokies have nano-size chances of winning, and in most cases, you have to play with max bet, to have a chance of the mystery jackpot to trigger… and a big win isn’t guaranteed even then! We think the good old five-scatter or five-wild symbols on pay-line jackpots are the best, as they usually offer 10,000-100,000 or even more “coins” jackpots, which could be only $1000 (100,000 coins of $0.01 value), or $50,000 (100,000x$0,50) and even more! So, always pick a jackpot you feel confident about.

As you can see, choosing slots is not an easy task. But, if you are a recreational player, you don’t have to fret too much about it, just sit down, open your favorite online and play. In case you plan to win some money, then we recommend that you check out these areas we mentioned because if you consider them carefully, you can find a fun, enjoyable online pokies, which also could give you back more than you lose!

Pokies Strategies

Your next step is to learn the winning strategies to play online pokies. We often hear players new and old alike ask, “Do these strategies really exist?” Yes, they do. Here are some of the most effective ones you can use:

Monitor pokies cycles

Pokies machines (online or offline) undergo cycles; by this we mean cycles of collecting money and cycles of giving away money. If you notice that yours is not paying out, then move on to the next one.

Double up!

This feature allows you to double your cash if you win, which means you could get twice as much as those who are playing without it. A note of warning though, when it comes to “Suits,” it is best not to use the double up feature because if you do, your chances of winning will be lower.

Play smart

We have two suggestions for you to play pokies smart. The first one is to make sure you take out what you have won, every time. For example, if you placed a bet of $100 and you won another $100, take out the $100 that you won and play with what’s left (in this case, it is $100).

The second suggestion is to know when you need to stop playing. A lot of people become addicted to the game and will just gamble their money away. This is a bad habit which you should never acquire.