Online Casino Bonuses to Play Pokies Online

If you are fond of visiting casinos and spending hours in front of poker machines online or offline, you should be playing on a machine with a progressive jackpot.

It is just like any normal poker machine game, but better, because every time a certain player tries his luck on the machine and loses, the value of the jackpot is increased. The pot money continues to grow until a player gets lucky enough to win, after which this person goes home with all the cash.

It is quite sad if the player next to you wins it, but if you are the lucky person who just happened to choose that machine, then it is the greatest thing in the world.

It is definitely the more exciting way to play poker machines in casinos. As you notice the jackpot increase every minute, you get even more excited and the anticipation does not stop until the bell rings and someone declares that they have won.

In a normal poker machine game, you need to have a very impressive hand to be able to win a decent amount. Therefore, you are constantly hoping to land a royal flush. In a poker machine game with a progressive jackpot, the amount you win is not just doubled, since it is an accumulated value derived from several machines, a royal flush can win you as much as $8000 or even more.

There is no reason for you not to try playing your favorite poker machine game with a progressive jackpot. It is more exciting, more interesting, and definitely worth giving a shot.

Play live jackpots on Jackpot City

Jackpot city is a renowned gaming destination that allows users to play live jackpots. The vibrant and interactive interface allows a user to get the vibes of being at a real casino. The virtual host and the interactive opponents make the game interesting and addictive.

This game is known to bring citizens from across borders together on a unified platform to compete against one another towards their passion for gambling. It has the widest range of online pokies and other games that can be played at the comfort of your home.

This incredible gaming destination is available for entertainment 24/7 along with a handy customer support team to answer your queries at wee hours of the day. This hotspot is the most wanted and visited destination for the people of New Zealand.

Why should I consider live jackpots?

The biggest reason to play live jackpots is the re-live the idea of visiting a casino at the comfort of your home. You can enjoy the best variations of your regular casinos games such as live Vegas jackpots, lie slots jackpots, live roulette jackpot others.

Jackpot city virtual casino has a reputation of being in the business for over a decade, it has gathered the loyalty of the passionate as well as enthusiastic gamblers from across the globe. Therefore, this unique website offers the best in class promotions such as no deposit bonus codes, sign up bonuses and loyalty points.

In 2015, Jackpot City has been recognized for its best in the industry loyalty program. Amongst the top played games on this website by Indians is the live KBC jackpot with superstar Amitabh Bachchan virtually.

Where can I get live Vegas jackpots in New Zealand?

One of the top online casinos in New Zealand is Jackpot City. This virtual casino offers one of the best promotions on sign up or no cash deposit. They also give grand welcome bonus to ensure that each visitor convert to a player and is hooked on to the website to transform in to a loyal customer.

The earned bonus is immediately transferred in your website account and can be redeemed towards your favorite live Vegas jackpots games such as roulette, slots, pokies or black jack. As the world of online is not restricted only on the desktop, there are many ways to earn your free sign up bonus.

As a strategy for a novice online gambler, it is advised by the professionals to make multiple accounts that can be accessed from multiple online platforms to enjoy loyalty points. Here’s how you can quickly make the most of a no deposit casino bonus on Jackpot City;

Sign up:

If you are a new user, register on Jackpot City now to earn your sign up bonus. You can sign up using your social media account such as Facebook or an Email account. This website offers up to $1600 New Zealand dollars for first time registrations. This bonus can be redeemed towards playing a round of your favorite game such as pokies, slots, roulettes or blackjack.


When you login on Jackpot City, this website gives you welcome bonus codes. This act of kindness is the trick to lure you in playing again and transforming you in to a loyal customer. The multiple login options such as Facebook or an email account often create an ease of transition for user.

What is the online casino regulation for live Jackpot win in New Zealand?

The laws of a country you are operating in often raises the questions by users stating that is engaging on live jackpot legit? It is about winning your fair share, it is advised to follow the law of the country you are residing in and also be well-versed with the terms and conditions of the website you are engaging with. It was in 2003 that the Gambling Act was passed in New Zealand.

This act stated that no online gambling should function out of New Zealand. This means that you can set up an online casino in NZ but not operate from there. This also means that as a player, you can access a site that clearly states about their operation in any country but New Zealand. This kind of New Zealand regulations gives ample opportunity for international players to effortlessly enter the NZ market and capture their audience.

From a transactional point of view, the prestigious association for online pokies American Express or online pokies accepting PayPal earns trust and loyalty for the website. It has been observed that countries such as UK, South Africa and Australia also have similar gambling laws. But as the universe of internet is open to all, global citizens can openly indulge in their passion, at their own risks.

Which are the best online casinos free cash bonuses in New Zealand?

Though Jackpot City’s interface, services and games are unmatched, there are some casinos that can be visited to gain a different experience;

Spin Palace Casino:

Spin palace has over 400 games and offers a $1000 as a welcome bonus. This welcome bonus can be redeemed after completing you first online pokies game and shall be deposited directly in to your connected bank account. Spin palace is also known for offering free spins to its users.

Gaming Club:

Gaming club app has a 24/ 7 dedicated customer support. If you free download an app, youcan claim up to $2000 of bonus in 4 rounds of deposits. This website is known for its best live tote jackpot and live roulette jackpot interface.

Ruby Fortune:

Ruby fortune has over 450 games to choose from. The vibrant looking website keeps the users current by showcasing the top scoring user and the amount they won. T also offers $750 New Zealand dollars as welcome bonus.

It is legal to play free online casino bonus slots in New Zealand?

Each website has a unique set of rules when it comes to playing live jackpots. Some websites, to lure their users, offer the best in class welcome bonus. This bonus is often deducted from the registered card number and used towards playing any game of choice on the website.

According to the Gambling Act of New Zealand, no online gambling business shall function out of New Zealand. This means that you can set up an online casino in NZ but not operate from there. This also means that as a player, you can access a site that clearly states about their operation in any country but New Zealand.

This kind of New Zealand online pokies laws gives ample opportunity to international players in effortlessly entering the NZ market and capture the audience. From a transactional point of view, the prestigious association for online pokies American Express or online pokies accepting PayPal earns trust and loyalty for the website.

The law also has terms and conditions that no website promotion shall state the usage of real money, all transaction must be conducted using virtual money or credit cards.

How can I play online casino free bonus in Canada?

Just like New Zealand, Canada is an upcoming online casino hub. But the rules f safety apply to a resident of any country be it New Zealand, Australia or Canada. Gambling is a risking business especially if you are novice. Therefore, you need to be very careful while engaging in one.

To enjoy the pleasures of gambling, you need to follow a set of ground rules. The most basic one being that you need to be over the age of 21 years and have proper documentation available to prove the same to the website. Though, as the market is flooded with virtual casinos, some have bent the rule for its wide set of players starting from an age of 18 years.

Though online casino is luring to take the first step towards gambling, some websites expect a first deposit to avail a no deposit which is later credited to the player’s bank account with a loyalty bonus or a welcome bonus. What one needs to look out for is the amount of pay out a website offers.

Top notch website such as Jackpot City offers a play out of 97% where as others give it less. It is advised to engage with the ones that offer the maximum payout with minimum deductions.

Which is the best way to stay safe online while gambling and still manage to earn 700 free online casino bonus?

In New Zealand, website Jackpot City is known as the safest gambling destination to be indulged in. Though being amongst the top entertainment websites, it ensure personal and financial security on this portal. It reflects governments as well as industries safe gambling laws.

There are many laws incorporated by the website which are also applicable on the mobile or iPad applications in regards to safe gambling. Underage gambling is strictly restricted for people under the age group of 18 and below.

A player self-exclusion feature allows a user to lock his gambling account if at any point in time he feels that it is taking control of his time management or attitude in general. During this self-exclusion period, Jackpot City Casino ensures that no promotional material is sent to the user.

They also have set deposit limits. To change the deposit limit or the self-exclusion setting, a user can call the customer care at any hour of the day. They have a special self-assessment test to identify a user’s gaming behavior to ensure responsible gambling.

If you want to take your live jackpot experience to another level, be it live 4D jackpot or watch the game come to life on jackpot live TV, visit jackpot city online and indulge with your passion from the comfort of your home.