Optimal Payments PLC began as a Canadian Company that is primarily a public sector unit. In 1999 Optimal Payments incepted an online payment system called Neteller. Neteller primarily has a business in providing safe transaction between casino gaming websites and gamer. In 2004 Optimal Payments shifted its headquarters to the Isle of Man. It falls under the United Kingdom now. Thus Neteller is subjected to the laws and rules of the United Kingdom Financial Services Authority or FSA.

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Why use Neteller?

  • First of all this organization is subjected to all the regulations as cited by FSA for a banking organization. Thus it may be noted that all the client’s accounts and transactions are safe and secure.
  • Neteller users trust accounts. Hence if a client needs a certain amount of fund, the organization can pay it out instantly.
  • The Neteller system can be used from almost any country in the world.
  • The popularity of this system is huge. Presently, more than a million gamers worldwide use this system from transferring and receiving money to and from online casino websites during a gambling game.

How to use Neteller?

Using Neteller is easy and simple. This service can be availed from 200 countries across the world. Opening an account is free of any charge. A client wishing to use Neteller payment service needs to do the following:

  • An account needs to be opened in the Neteller online systems.
  • For the above, the user needs to provide personal details like date of birth, address name, and a valid email address.
  • The user also needs to specify and add some money to the account.
  • He needs to create a strong password combination.
  • He should choose a security question from the list provided and also an answer to that. He needs to remember this in case he forgets the login password.
  • After the above procedure is completed, the applicant receives an account ID from Neteller. There will be a security ID also.
  • Now the user will get an e-wallet into the website account which needs to be linked to the bank account of the user from where the money transfer and receipt will occur. He can also link this to a credit card or other funding options. The account information should be clearly stated with zero error. The account thus will be activated. Any in-game purchase and deposit can now be easily made. Transactions are usually processed instantaneously on request.

The Registration procedure: Step by step

To register, following needs to be done:
Step 1. The applicant must fill in for the country of origin, the transaction currency and the e-mail address. The later should be valid and working because this is used for authentication.
Step 2. In this step, personal information like address, the mobile number needs to be input. A password and few security questions and answers need to be chosen.
Step 3. The submission should be confirmed by pressing the given button followed by the Join Now button. The Terms and Conditions should, however, be read before confirming.
Step 4. The system will generate credentials like login information that should be securely kept. It is always better to write it down.
A confirmation email will be sent by Neteller to the email-address address provided. The confirmation link needs to be clicked and logged in to the system for instant usage.

What are the advantages of using Neteller?

Using Neteller as the primary transaction medium in a game of online casinos has several advantages. They are:

  • This is one of the best methods for online money transfer and deposits while playing online casino games considering the high security and tough encryptions.
  • Transfers will not carry any name. Users can maintain anonymity. Only the account ID is displayed to the recipient.
  • There are zero wait periods after placing a money transfer or receipt request.
  • This company does not allow any credit based system. Hence there is simply no chance of building up a debt.

What the disadvantages of Neteller?

Neteller users hardly complain about any disadvantage. However, like a very system, this online payment system does have few negligible faults. Some are pointed out below:
There is a verification part at the end of the registration procedure. This takes some amount of time when the system verifies every detail of the customer before allowing him access to the system. Some passionate gamblers often find this as an annoying hindrance during their gaming process. But all banks or money transfer media have their verification period. This is vital to avoid frauds of any sort.
Few applications have a charge.
There are certain limits in account functionalities for specific users based on country or other reasons.

A note on the security system of Neteller

The user should have no worries reading security when he or she uses Neteller. Following are few reasons:

  • This company employs highly trained professionals to take care of the security and privacy of their user keeping the system safe from any kind of cybercrimes. Client;s bank account and the Neteller eWallet account has no active link.
  • 128-bit encryption is used to protect all transactions on the system.
  • There is a constant transaction monitoring by the security professionals. No transaction is possible without identity verification.
  • UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) has authorized this Company in this business. This indirectly means that Neteller has to abide by the strict rules and regulations of the British Government.

Some popular FAQ

Why Neteller?

The winnings can be accessed quickly. Also, money deposits are easy and instantaneous.
Customer experience of the website has received raving compliments. It is flexible with no issues that can raise confusion.
Neteller uses the state-of-the-art security systems and protocols. Customer privacy and security are taken very good care of. They claim to have the finest security technologies on board.
Customer care service is excellent. The user needs to wait for a very short duration of time before their queries are resolved.

Who can use it?

Anyone from the 200 registered companies of Neteller can use the system. New Zealand is often excluded from most of the online money transfer companies specifically developed for online casinos. Neteller has included the New Zealand within its service countries. So if the user is situated in the New Zealand, he can use the advantages of this online money transfer system.

Can I use Neteller for any online casinos?

Neteller can be used for money transfer for a large number of online gambling casino websites. Few are however not on the list. Most of the companies that allow Neteller as their online money transfer partner are highly reputed and have a good business. Thus it is advisable to choose a casino website that uses Neteller and then start playing.

What about the safety of personal accounts?

Neteller uses a string of safety protocols that are signs of extreme cyber protection. The encryption methods are modern. The company employs best minds in this field. Also, the system is continuously upgraded and monitored to prevent hackers and cybercriminals from accessing it. This company is under the audit of FSA and its team of software programmers. The above reasons make it one of the safest methods to transfer and receive money during a game of casino.

Is there any charge for using Neteller?

Yes, there is a small token money to be deposited as transaction fees. The user is usually intimated from before after the completion of the registration process. The website of Neteller can be visited to know more about this. The fee needs to be paid one-time. It should be noted that no part of the winnings needs to donate to Neteller. There is simply no commission.

What is the method of acquiring the winnings?

The winnings will come directly to the Neteller account, or otherwise specified. The money can be withdrawn whenever required.

Neteller Today

Neteller just completed 18 years of business with successful track records and growth of revenue. It is owned today by Paysafe Group of Companies. The headquarters of Neteller is situated in Douglas in the Isle of Man. Today millions who play online casino games benefit from this secured system of online money transfer. It operates in 15 different languages and accepts several global currencies. There are only a few companies in this field with such reputation and goodwill. Coming under the British laws have put a legal stamp of authenticity on the company’s profile. Needless to say that it has benefited the image of the company manifold bringing in more business across the globe. Today, Neteller has evolved into a brand name of trust and security. It has become the gaming partner for many. New Zealand has often considered this kind of platforms facilitating money transfer for online casinos as illegal. New Zealand, however, legalizes Neteller. This is another huge success for the company’s reputation and further growth. Players from the New Zealand can now use this website to transfer deposits and withdraw their winnings. It is because of Neteller, that millions of people who do online gambling can safely participate in their playing.
Neteller today holds the position of being one of the largest and most popular online money transfer company besides Skrill. As of 2014, this company has acquired revenue of 125.86 NZD. In fact, if there is an international online casino that does not accept Neteller, then the user should be cautious about such a company. Usually, this kind of company avoids a legitimate money transfer company like Neteller with the evident fear of getting exposed to various fraudulent activities.

Casinos with Live Dealing Service
There are a number of casinos which offer live dealing but not all of them are up to the mark. Here is a list of casinos whose live dealing services are brilliant and enticing.

  • Spin Palace Casino: The casino offers $ 1000 as welcome bonus to all its new players. With safe and secure banking options available to users, this casino is rated to be at the top. The highest payout has recorded to be around 98%. The withdrawal services are also quick and as the casino is legally registered, it is also safe to play on this site. There are over 650 games to choose from.
  • Jackpot City Casino: This casino offers a magnificent $1600 as welcome bonus. The highest payout recorded at this casino is over 95% and with more than 300+ casino games to select and play from, you can expect to win handsome amounts as cash prizes and therefore this casino is highly recommended by users across the world.
  • Ruby Fortune Casino: This is another casino which is known for the live dealing services it offers to the users. With more than 450 casino games to play from, your chances of winning would never be less. The sign up bonus offered at this casino is $ 750.
  • Gaming Club Casino: Gaming Club Casino is also one of the popular ones to play live dealing games on. All you have to do is sign up with this casino and you will get a welcome bonus of $ 350 and a chance to around 4000 casino games.
  • Royal Vegas Casino: The welcome bonus offered at this casino is $ 1200. More than 450 casino games are offered along with the live games. This is also one of the recommended casinos for playing live dealing games.
How do live online casino work?
The live environment experienced at any casino is totally different from what the virtual reality offers the users. But today, the softwares have made online gaming a unique dimension in itself. When playing live dealer games at any online casino, you get to experience the better of two worlds at the same time. You do not have to leave your comfort zone to go play at a casino as you can get it on your pc or on your mobile device and all you would be needed is a fast internet connection to place your bets on.

As a human element is always preferred when playing live counters, so there is always a dealer in the virtual platform who will help to shuffle and distribute the decks. You can also ask the croupier for advice related to the game. This makes sure that the game is 100% legitimate as many users are in doubt related to the legitimacy of the game when it is operated by computer softwares.

What are the requirements to play live casino games?
All that is required for playing live casino games is a good computer and a fast internet connection. If you have a fiber optic broadband, then you will have no problem when it comes to having a good internet connection. So always make sure that the internet is working well and good before signing up for any online live counter game.
Which are the different live counter games?
The popular ones which have the feature of live counters are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Baccarat
How are the live dealing casinos approached from a legal point of view?
As the above mentioned casinos are all operating from international borders, the laws in New Zealand do not prohibit anyone from playing at these online casinos. No national has been arrested for availing the services of online casinos. The winnings are also not taxable. The only time taxes will be implied on the winnings is when you show yourself as a professional casino player.
How can the deposits be made?
For players from New Zealand, there are three options available.

  1. Credit cards: These can be used for the sake of convenience and are therefore the preferred method of payments by many users.
  2. eWallet service: Online platforms such as PayPal, Citadel, Cick2Pay and Neteller amongst many others offer reliable transfer services and therefore are recommended to users.
  3. Wire transfer: Wire transfers are usually done when heavy deposits have to be made.
Is it safe to conduct online transactions with the casinos?
All the casinos are recommended based on different factors. One of the factors is user security. All information related to the users is kept confidential using 128 Bit encryption. The cash transactions are also heavily encrypted to avoid any unnecessary situation.