Pokie FAQs

A Pokie game is a slot machine or a video slot game. Both of these games work the same way. There are some tips on how to play Pokie online and offline. Learning how to play pokie will allow you to understand the game and will increase your chance of winning.

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The Machine

The pokie machine was invented in the late part of the 19th century. There were three reels and a limited number of symbols that appeared on the pay line. Modern pokie games are computerized. They may have an old-fashioned design box and some of these games still follow simple rules. There are some modernized games as well.
Contemporary pokie will have larger prizes but the odds of winning are one in 10 million or even more. Symbols have no limit but there are a limited number of winning combinations.
A machine with five reels may have two winning symbols for the first three reels with a total of 60 symbols. The other two reels may have one winning symbol out of 80 total symbols. The odds of winning are one in 230,400,000.

Pokie and the Brain

There are a number of near misses for the top prize. The winning symbols may appear on different lines. These near misses increased the desire in the brain to keep playing. There is an added level of suspense and the brain really thinks that the machine will pay out big.
Modern pokie machines allow the players to bet on several lines at a time with just one spin. The game was once limited to a single line and three reels. Now a player can bet on up to 50 lines or more per hand. There are five reels with three lines.


Where did the term pokie originate?

There is no single document for the origin of the word pokie. Many think that players shortened the words poker machines and just used pokie.

What is the average payout?

In New Zealand, the payout percentage according to the law has to be 87%. The average is really around 90%. When a player is playing a short game this is a big difference.

Can the percentage of the payout change each day?

The payout is set at a fixed rate by the EPROM manufacturer. This cannot be changed unless a new chip is installed in the machine.

Are the odds better if the machine has not paid out?

No. Every spin gives the player the same chance at winning. The machine does not take into account how much money was spent.

Do the odds change based on my bet?

No. The odds of winning stay the same. They do not change based on the amount of money that you bet. If you do play less than the maximum bet you may miss out on some wins on other lines.

Are there any secrets to winning?

No. There are no ways to increase your odds of winning. While some people claim they are selling tips to win they are really taking your money.

It is better to play in a casino, pub, or club?

Generally it is best to play at the casino. You can win bigger prizes and have a VIP experience. You may also get free rooms, free food, and other items.

Can I buy a pokie machine to play at home?

It is illegal to purchase a pokie machine for home use in New Zealand. A gaming machine license is needed. Currently, it is not an option.

Do newer machines provide a better chance at winning?

It appears that when a machine is first installed it pays better. It may be worth a try.

Should I double my wins with the gamble feature?

This is up to you. There is no advantage for the house but your small wins may build up.

Is there any specific time of day to increase your chances of winning?

No. The pokie machines do not keep track of the time of day. Five number randomly show up on the reel any time of the day or night.

Do machines have cold cycles?

While it may appear this way they do not. Each spins gives the player the same chance of winning.

Summing it Up

Pokie machines have evolved over time. They are still attractive to many players.
You are not able to change the pay return rate on the pokie machine. The RNG symbols do not change no matter how much money you bet and nothing will increase your chances of winning. Every spin gives you the same chance to win as the one before it and the one that will come after it.

Casinos with Live Dealing Service
There are a number of casinos which offer live dealing but not all of them are up to the mark. Here is a list of casinos whose live dealing services are brilliant and enticing.

  • Spin Palace Casino: The casino offers $ 1000 as welcome bonus to all its new players. With safe and secure banking options available to users, this casino is rated to be at the top. The highest payout has recorded to be around 98%. The withdrawal services are also quick and as the casino is legally registered, it is also safe to play on this site. There are over 650 games to choose from.
  • Jackpot City Casino: This casino offers a magnificent $1600 as welcome bonus. The highest payout recorded at this casino is over 95% and with more than 300+ casino games to select and play from, you can expect to win handsome amounts as cash prizes and therefore this casino is highly recommended by users across the world.
  • Ruby Fortune Casino: This is another casino which is known for the live dealing services it offers to the users. With more than 450 casino games to play from, your chances of winning would never be less. The sign up bonus offered at this casino is $ 750.
  • Gaming Club Casino: Gaming Club Casino is also one of the popular ones to play live dealing games on. All you have to do is sign up with this casino and you will get a welcome bonus of $ 350 and a chance to around 4000 casino games.
  • Royal Vegas Casino: The welcome bonus offered at this casino is $ 1200. More than 450 casino games are offered along with the live games. This is also one of the recommended casinos for playing live dealing games.
How do live online casino work?
The live environment experienced at any casino is totally different from what the virtual reality offers the users. But today, the softwares have made online gaming a unique dimension in itself. When playing live dealer games at any online casino, you get to experience the better of two worlds at the same time. You do not have to leave your comfort zone to go play at a casino as you can get it on your pc or on your mobile device and all you would be needed is a fast internet connection to place your bets on.

As a human element is always preferred when playing live counters, so there is always a dealer in the virtual platform who will help to shuffle and distribute the decks. You can also ask the croupier for advice related to the game. This makes sure that the game is 100% legitimate as many users are in doubt related to the legitimacy of the game when it is operated by computer softwares.

What are the requirements to play live casino games?
All that is required for playing live casino games is a good computer and a fast internet connection. If you have a fiber optic broadband, then you will have no problem when it comes to having a good internet connection. So always make sure that the internet is working well and good before signing up for any online live counter game.

Which are the different live counter games?
The popular ones which have the feature of live counters are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Baccarat
How are the live dealing casinos approached from a legal point of view?
As the above mentioned casinos are all operating from international borders, the laws in New Zealand do not prohibit anyone from playing at these online casinos. No national has been arrested for availing the services of online casinos. The winnings are also not taxable. The only time taxes will be implied on the winnings is when you show yourself as a professional casino player.

How can the deposits be made?
For players from New Zealand, there are three options available.

  1. Credit cards: These can be used for the sake of convenience and are therefore the preferred method of payments by many users.
  2. eWallet service: Online platforms such as PayPal, Citadel, Cick2Pay and Neteller amongst many others offer reliable transfer services and therefore are recommended to users.
  3. Wire transfer: Wire transfers are usually done when heavy deposits have to be made.
Is it safe to conduct online transactions with the casinos?
All the casinos are recommended based on different factors. One of the factors is user security. All information related to the users is kept confidential using 128 Bit encryption. The cash transactions are also heavily encrypted to avoid any unnecessary situation.