Online casinos have become very popular among kiwi gamers. When it comes to online gambling, people often worry about how to do payments and receive winning money without compromising security, privacy, and identity. POLi is one of the best methods for money transfer and receipt compatible with gaming platforms related to online casinos. This is especially true if you are in countries like New Zealand. The popularity of POLi is due to its high-security environment, relatively simple to use technology and fast money transfer.

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Online casino players today have a wide array of payment options like e-wallet in different websites, deposits through credit cards, direct fund transfer and few more. But most of these options would need the gamer to sign up in each and every casino websites. Personal information, banking details all need to be shared and in most cases, money needs to be deposited in a separate account other than the casino. People using POLi can avoid all these intermediate processes and accounts. Through Net banking and POLi, the gamer can now establish money transfer and receipt easily and safely without divulging personal details and identity to several third parties.

What are the advantages of using POLi?

Following are some advantages of using POLi:

  • POLi means fast payment and money receipt. Every transfer is instantaneous. It may be noted here that direct fund transfer often takes more than three days to take effect.
  • It is the easiest method of fund transfer.
  • In case of web-wallet payments, the user will be required to divulge a series of personal information to the e-wallet partners other than the casino. Additionally, their original bank account will be linked to the web wallet company. Gamers are often uncomfortable with this process. Also, the web wallets should contain sufficient amount of cash even before the real bet is placed during a game. In case of POLI, the user pays only when actually required.
  • All the transactions happening under POLi is encrypted with all modern systems and technologies. It uses a proxy. This signifies that neither POLi nor the online casino can access the bank details and log in information of the user. It is thus the safest way for fund transfer across an online casino platform and the gamer.
  • POLi can be used to purchase other commodities and services if the user is based in New Zealand. Only a valid bank account number should be present in any place in New Zealand from where all the transactions will occur.
  • It should be noted that the New Zealand bank should be equipped with internet banking. Otherwise, it would not be possible to go ahead with any form of transactions by using POLI. All other forms related to internet banking should be active. For example, a working phone number should be present where the bank will send the one-time password or OTP for the fund transfer. In a nutshell, if the user has a working internet banking with a bank registered with POLI then he or she can go ahead with the registration and fund transfer process. POLi has made online gambling easy and secure from all aspects. A game of Black Jack can now be played safely.

POLi versus credit card payment options

The main advantage of using POLi above credit cards is that credit cards can be used to make payments but not used to withdraw winning money from the online casinos. Another form of withdrawal options needs to be used. In case of POLi both deposits, as well as withdrawal, is possible via the same system. Time and money both can be saved while playing a game of real money casino on the web.

How to sign up for a POLi Account?

Sign up is required to use the POLi system. But this is free of cost especially for users from New Zealand. Just the website of POLi should be visited for the sign-up process. The process is very easy. Only some personal information needs to be filled up in the form and uploaded by clicking on the sign-up button. No banking information is required. Going through POLI means that the mode of payment becomes safe and secured even when you play in a variety of online casinos of medium reputation. The account can be used to make payments to any local and international online casinos.

How to use POLi systems?

The process is very easy and simple and can be used by beginners in this world of mobile casinos. The player just needs to log into the web or mobile casino website from New Zealand, Australia or any other place in the world. If then he needs to make a deposit, he has to go to the cashier section of the website. There will be a drop-down menu where the user can easily find’ Pay using POLi’. Once payment via POLi is selected, then the user needs to choose the bank from where the money will be transferred. Then the internet banking process will be activated just like when you make purchases on any other website. Another window will open where the bank will ask for login information. Just enter the amount of money that needs to be deposited into the online casino account and hit the play button. The casino account will show the amount that is transferred from the users account instantaneously.

Casinos with Live Dealing Service
There are a number of casinos which offer live dealing but not all of them are up to the mark. Here is a list of casinos whose live dealing services are brilliant and enticing.

  • Spin Palace Casino: The casino offers $ 1000 as welcome bonus to all its new players. With safe and secure banking options available to users, this casino is rated to be at the top. The highest payout has recorded to be around 98%. The withdrawal services are also quick and as the casino is legally registered, it is also safe to play on this site. There are over 650 games to choose from.
  • Jackpot City Casino: This casino offers a magnificent $1600 as welcome bonus. The highest payout recorded at this casino is over 95% and with more than 300+ casino games to select and play from, you can expect to win handsome amounts as cash prizes and therefore this casino is highly recommended by users across the world.
  • Ruby Fortune Casino: This is another casino which is known for the live dealing services it offers to the users. With more than 450 casino games to play from, your chances of winning would never be less. The sign up bonus offered at this casino is $ 750.
  • Gaming Club Casino: Gaming Club Casino is also one of the popular ones to play live dealing games on. All you have to do is sign up with this casino and you will get a welcome bonus of $ 350 and a chance to around 4000 casino games.
  • Royal Vegas Casino: The welcome bonus offered at this casino is $ 1200. More than 450 casino games are offered along with the live games. This is also one of the recommended casinos for playing live dealing games.
How do live online casino work?
The live environment experienced at any casino is totally different from what the virtual reality offers the users. But today, the softwares have made online gaming a unique dimension in itself. When playing live dealer games at any online casino, you get to experience the better of two worlds at the same time. You do not have to leave your comfort zone to go play at a casino as you can get it on your pc or on your mobile device and all you would be needed is a fast internet connection to place your bets on.

As a human element is always preferred when playing live counters, so there is always a dealer in the virtual platform who will help to shuffle and distribute the decks. You can also ask the croupier for advice related to the game. This makes sure that the game is 100% legitimate as many users are in doubt related to the legitimacy of the game when it is operated by computer softwares.

What are the requirements to play live casino games?
All that is required for playing live casino games is a good computer and a fast internet connection. If you have a fiber optic broadband, then you will have no problem when it comes to having a good internet connection. So always make sure that the internet is working well and good before signing up for any online live counter game.
Which are the different live counter games?
The popular ones which have the feature of live counters are:

  • Blackjack
  • Roulette
  • Texas Hold’em Poker
  • Baccarat
How are the live dealing casinos approached from a legal point of view?
As the above mentioned casinos are all operating from international borders, the laws in New Zealand do not prohibit anyone from playing at these online casinos. No national has been arrested for availing the services of online casinos. The winnings are also not taxable. The only time taxes will be implied on the winnings is when you show yourself as a professional casino player.
How can the deposits be made?
For players from New Zealand, there are three options available.

  1. Credit cards: These can be used for the sake of convenience and are therefore the preferred method of payments by many users.
  2. eWallet service: Online platforms such as PayPal, Citadel, Cick2Pay and Neteller amongst many others offer reliable transfer services and therefore are recommended to users.
  3. Wire transfer: Wire transfers are usually done when heavy deposits have to be made.
Is it safe to conduct online transactions with the casinos?
All the casinos are recommended based on different factors. One of the factors is user security. All information related to the users is kept confidential using 128 Bit encryption. The cash transactions are also heavily encrypted to avoid any unnecessary situation.